Personal Injury

Our Personal injury medical and chiropractic services are available to those who have suffered injury to any part of their body as a result Automobile accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Pedestrian accidents, Slip and Fall’s, Boating accidents, Assaults, Animal bites, Defective products, Repetitive injuries and more….. You have the CHOICE of electing a medical physician or one of our chiropractors to be your PRIMARY TREATING DOCTOR to conduct your initial evaluation, all subsequent evaluations, and your final exam. All of our ONE-STOP medical and chiropractic personal injury services are conducted either on a lien basis or billed, upon request, to your major medical insurance or, if available, to your Med Pay automobile insurance. A medical lien basically means the doctor waits to get paid until your case settles. On a lien basis, you will receive immediate quality medical and chiropractic evaluation and treatment without any upfront cost to you. We understand the importance of providing detailed documentation of the events of the injury, conduct the proper medical and chiropractic standard of care to evaluate the extend of your injuries and administer the proper individualized treatment to return you back to your normal state of good health. Based on your choice, at the end of your treatment, your attorneys will receive a detailed final report signed by a medical physician or a chiropractor, outlining all the areas important to settle your case.