Personal Injury

Pain management is an important service we offer for the treatment and management of   ongoing pain, especially if you suffer with acute or chronic pain from injury as a result of an accident. After our certified pain management specialist evaluates your pain, he may prescribe one or a combination of modalities utilizing our multidisciplinary team such as Medication Management, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Therapy, Psychological Evaluation and Counseling, Massage, Biofeedback, Acupuncture, or Interventional Procedures.

Interventional Procedures are procedures used by our pain management specialist as a discipline of medicine concentrating in the diagnosis and treatment of pain related disorders.  The concept of most interventional procedures for treating pain is to locate the specific structure in the body with nerves generating the pain. Pain management plays a role in identifying the precise source of the pain and determining the optimal treatment. Interventional pain management can be a useful alternative for patients who have exhausted other treatment methods without success and looking for an alternative solution for their pain.

The goals of interventional pain management are to relieve, reduce, or manage pain and improve a patient’s overall quality of life through minimally invasive techniques specifically designed to diagnose and treat painful conditions. Interventional pain management also strives to help patients return to their everyday activities quickly and without heavy reliance on medications

Pain management can be simple or complex, depending on the cause of the pain. An example of pain that is typically less complex would be nerve root irritation from a herniated disc in the neck or back causing radiation of pain to the arms or legs. This condition can often be alleviated with an epidural steroid injection and other modalities in our office. Some of the Interventional Procedures include:

  • Major Joint Injection
  • Cervical Epidural Injection
  • Lumbar Epidural Injection
  • Facet Joint Injection
  •  Radiofrequency Neurotomy
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injection
  • Lumbar Sympathetic Block, and others

Let us evaluate your specific need and situation to develop a tailored treatment plan to meet your goals and circumstances.