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Welcome To Santa Ana Health Group

For over 30 years in our Central Santa Ana, Orange County Facility, our highly trained and caring staff work together to provide:

Treatment of accepted, denied, on delay, no insurance and future medical care cases of injured workers as the primary treating physician (with paperwork assistance upon request).

Treatment of all personal injuries on lien basis / including specialty consultations and surgeries (with authorization).

Electronic reports, Pr-2's, RFA's, UR Rebuttals, IMR, review of medical records, test results and correspondence.

Copmliant with latest version of Senate and Assembly bills, MTUS, ACOEM and ODG.

Custom individual treatment, rehabilitation and fitness protocol.

Medical, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture treatments.

Functional Restoration Program (FRP)

Work Conditioning Program

Emphasis on returning the patient to a healthy lifestyle and work environment.

Bilingual and culturally sensitive staff.

Private treatment rooms.

Assistance with transportation disability, EDD back to work form completion and much more.